Friday, February 23, 2007

Winter Weekend without a good Movie????

I desperately need some new movies to watch this weekend at home in the comfort of my chair, sitting by the blazing fire, feet up on the footstool, one doggy on my lap and another waiting for his turn on my lap, sipping , ok, slurping a glass of red wine, and knitting. Yes, I can knit and watch the boob tube at the same time. No, I don't have one eye on the sticks and the other on the screen. I look up and down, but I can do simple knitting, on relatively big needles (diameter, not length) without looking. You might not want to wear the finished product, but idle hands and devil's workshop, you know. It does get difficult, however, when a dog or two decide that yarn is something to get wrapped around legs. Then it's a bit of pandemonium.

I also read while watching TV, not heavy tomes but magazines, or cookbooks, something that I can scan and mark for later more careful reading. If I didn't knit, or read, while watching TV, I wouldn't get either done. It's not that I'm a slave to watching television, it's that I want to spend time with my man, who is. He's a slave to watching movies. "A night without a movie to watch is like a day without sunshine." Neither of us watches network TV or cable series. More on that another day. Occasionally, when he gets the urge to watch one of the bloodier, or more violent movies, I leave him to it and retire to another comby chair in another room to knit more demanding projects or read something that requires more concentration.

Anyway, we have plans tonight and tomorrow night, weather permitting, so Sunday looks like the movie watching evening. We won't bother watching the Oscars. We haven't seen any of the movie nominated for anything and couldn't care less about which one of those self-absorbed, spoiled, Bush-bashing, filthy rich, hypocritical weenies wins an Oscar. Who cares?

We'll find some old movie somewhere or one of the few newer movies that is decent, and hunker down with a good meal, our
dogs, our stick-in-the-mud ways and be perfectly content.

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