Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kinkead Ridge Riesling

[In case you are wondering who Rachel Riesling is, she is a woman of a certain age who has many interests, one of which is enjoying new wines. She was enjoying a bottle of dry Riesling as she originated this blog, hence the name. No, Rachel isn't her real first name either. For the moment, we will keep her incognito.]

The riesling I was enjoying was a 2005 Kinkead Ridge from the Ohio River Valley. The first time I had this wine was at Thanksgiving, at the Murphin Ridge Inn, a bed and breakfast in an Amish community. The wine was their featured wine for the thanksgiving meal and was thoroughly delightful. Upon returning home, I sought out a bottle at my local wine merchant. We could only buy 3 bottles, the last of his stock. the winery has been sold out for a while so we will wait to see if the 2006 is as good. The back label says:

"Hand-harvested on September 19th, peach, honeysuckle and ripe pear notes precede a flinty finish. This racy wine's floral front palate and sweetness balance its crisp acidity. The grapes were cold-fermentsd to preserve aromatic components."

Only 147 cases were produced so it's easy to see how such a tasty wine was sold out early. I will certainly be trying more of the Kinkead Ridge wines as I see them available. We have been to the area where the vineyard is located so maybe a field trip is in order this spring or summer.

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