Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Look Over your Shoulder, Barry

As it seems more and more likely that Barack Obama is becoming the new frontrunner for the Democrat nomination, I wonder just how desperate Hillary and Bill are becoming. I wouldn't want to be around Ms Clinton these days. Ash trays and lamps will be flying. Strike that. There is no such thing as an ash tray anymore, at least not around anyone with Hillary's political ambitions.

I'm sure the Clintons are not going to let a little thing like Obama's number of delegates get in their way back to Pennsylvania Avenue. Are there enough ambassadorships and cabinet positions to go around to all the superdelegates that Hillary and Bill are courting? You can be sure that they are putting the pressure on hot and heavy. Promises, threats, whatever it takes.

I'm not surprised that we are hearing talk about counting the Michigan and Florida delegates after all. We should know by now not to take the Clintons at their word. If going back on her word about those contests causes the successful favorable number of delegates to put her over the top, look for a bit of a rumble in the Democrat party. I predict one anyway if the super delegates put Hillary in the lead. Wouldn't she then be "selected not elected"?Anybody? Guess we won't be hearing any talk about the popular vote vs. the electoral college if that happens.

Anyway, look out Barack "Barry" Hussein Obama. I wouldn't put anything past a Clinton and the political office he/she seeks. You know they are prepared to haul out the big guns in order to keep him from the nomination. I imagine all sorts of Democrat muckety-mucks scared to death to cross the Clintons and support Obama. What if she wins after all? Will their political life be worth a plugged nickel? You know the Clintons have long memories and short fuses. And they carry a grudge.


We have seen Chelsea a-pimpin' for her mom. Nothing unusual about that. Barbara and Jenna Bush were on the campaign trail a bit for their dad. Of course Bill has been doing his thing here and there. Speaking of Bill, he seems to have taken a lesser role lately. We don't see and hear about his tirades and political gaffes as much as we did a few weeks ago. I guess Hillary has put an electrified dog collar on his and he gets a slight correction now and then.

Heads have been rolling from the campaign staff. Out with the hispanic and in with the black. That seems to be too transparent for Hillary to do just for vote getting.

I remember Maggie Williams. I especially remember hearing testimony about her being seen carrying files from the recently deceased Vince Foster's office. Taking her cue from Bill and Hillary, she denied it. Yeah. Right.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Spade Work?

I guess Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said on the Today Show, Jan. 11, 2008, that Senator Barack Obama "hasn't done the spade work necessary to be president."

Freudian slip? Just an unfortunate choice of words? An appeal to the racist nature in some people? Whatever.

I choose to believe that it was just a slip of the tongue, that she only meant he hadn't done enough of his homework in foreign relations to be adequately prepared to be the president.

She obviously thinks she has. Pillow talk with Bill (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt on this) doesn't count. I chat with my husband about politics, foreign and domestic, all the time and wouldn't in a million years consider myself ready to be president, senator, or anything in national government. But then I'm not Hillary. Thank God.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who's the Old Geezer?

I've seen bad photos of Bill Clinton before, but this one takes the cake. It makes him look about fifteen years older than his true age. Perhaps it's the stooping to receive Hillary's caress. But he looks very gaunt.

Check out the expression on Hillary's face. Not one of her best. To me it reflects her conniving personality and her resistance to the obligatory hug of congratulations on her primary victory. Their "one big happy family" appearance is all too phony. She was probably throwing lamps at him yesterday after all the polls predicted a resounding defeat for her in favor of Senator Obama. Now she has to make nice.

These two need to get out of our political lives.