Friday, April 6, 2007

La Pelosi Lallapalooza

What was Nancy Pelosi thinking? Well, I think I know what she was thinking. Being a little drunk on power at the moment, after 100 days as Speaker of the House and undoubtedly thinking that she is technically a heck of a lot closer to the Oval Office than Ms Clinton is, it must have been irresistible to travel abroad (to one of the "axis of evil" countries no less) and pretend to be Head of State for a while. Conduct a little foreign policy, wing it if necessary, politely wear a headscarf, color-coordinated to her modest Armani suit, smile for the cameras, come home to cheering crowds and next year be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Whew! That's a lot of work, even for a woman, to undertake. But alas! Something is amiss! There is criticism of her Nobel, and noble, efforts! The second-in-line newspaper of record, the Washington Post, has compared her trip to a pratfall. Ignoring the direct request of the President not to meet with Syria's dictator Bashar al-Assad, Nancy Pelosi has shown either her ignorance of constitutionally delegated powers or she has decided that they need not apply to a woman of her stature. By circumventing our current diplomatic policy of isolating Assad and attempting to force him to denounce terrorism and prove it, La Pelosi has succeeding in shoring up Syria's terrorist support system and confounding President Bush's efforts to dismantle it.

Now there's a chance that she may go to Iran and start a "dialog" with Ahmadinejad. I remember her campaign slogan "A woman's place is in the house." May I suggest that she go back to Washington, DC, and the House and stay there a while.

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