Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tired of Politics

I would be so happy if the term of office for the presidency was extended to six years and limited to one term. It seems that the campaign season begins much too soon. All media attention is directed to that subject, endless polling, digging into candidates', and even potential candidates', pasts, back to their high school years. Genealogists search for ethnic backgrounds and embarrassing activities or beliefs of ancestors, whether or not the candidate even knew them. It's ridiculous.

We have Obama's mother's ancestors owning slaves, but he's part Muslim, but also part Irish. Hillary's commencement address, once hidden by the Clinton's to quell any pointed question about her radical college leanings, is now revealed. Giuliani's divorces are mentioned, his children interviewed about his fatherly qualities. Romney's religion (the scary Mormon one, and his changing views on abortion (I've changed mine a few times!) are questioned. McCain's temper, Hillary's temper, Giuliani's temper. My temper!

It's such a diversion from governing, to have candidates who currently are in office spending so much time away from their elected jobs campaigning all around the country. What a waste of time and money and energy (NB, all you green-leaning candidates).

I wonder if the constant drumbeat in the MSM isn't one cause for voter turnoff and all the no-shows at the real polls.

By the way, read at interesting post over at Sloan Morganstern's blog.
Check it out. I couldn't believe that "Aunt Jemima" Hillary, after adotping a southern accent while campaigning at a black gathering in Selma, is now comparing herself to President John Kennedy. She didn't try to sound like a Bostonian did she? That would have been great fun to hear!

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